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As the world begins to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we look to the future of the drone industry. As an industry-leading network of professional operators in the UK, we are perfectly positioned to help guide our industry into its next generation.

Due to the steep increase in drone use globally, many countries have struggled to incorporate drones into their structured aviation regulations. That’s why Drone Safe World is so crucial to the future of this industry.

Drone Safe World represents the very best pilots in the industry who are masters of their craft and are also safe, legal, and insured. Having a safe and secure network of reliable professionals means that we can maintain a supply of high-quality aerial data for clients who want the best possible results, whilst maintaining zero agency fees, saving our network thousands of pounds.

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Over the past five years, as a UK Network, we have witnessed 1000’s of jobs pass through our Instant Quote system, daily collaborations between members and consistent and reliable business, proving not only the need but the impact of a professional drone network.

Drone Safe World will act as a portal to access professional drone operators globally

“We’ve spent five years building our network in the UK. Seeing us Launch worldwide is a dream come true. A real testament to our professional network of pilots!” – Mark Boyt (CEO & FOUNDER)

Having spent the past five years growing and developing the UK’s largest network of professional drone pilots, Drone Safe Register has developed the know-how and the software and tools to provide operators with everything they need to succeed in this industry. With unique features like ‘Instant Quotes’ and ‘Instant Roof Inspection Estimates’ and providing businesses massive SEO boosts and deep statistics, Drone Safe World offers everything a commercial operator could ever need.

Where Are We Now?

Drone Safe España launched to much acclaim from pilots across the country in May 2021. Our growing Spanish network is full of praise for the exciting dashboard features, such as seeing their pin in a digital and interactive map. We currently have members in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Gibraltar, and the list keeps on growing!

Drone Safe Italia officially launched in June 2021, just before the kick-off of Euro 2021. Our new Italian network grows every day with members currently in Rome, Florence, Naples and Ancona. We’re looking forward to the relationships our network will forge. Drone Safe USA has now landed on American soil! We’re incredibly excited to take on the states and bring safe and professional pilots to the forefront of commercial drone operations. We’ve already seen a lot of excitement from pilots in San Francisco, Ohio, Atlanta, Miami and New York.

As Drone Safe continues to expand across the globe, Drone Safe World will act as a portal to access professional drone operators, no matter where you are in the world. We’re on a mission to provide easy access to industry experts across the globe. That’s why our interactive world map showcases members from across the world.

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