Drone sector insights reveal industry’s most sought-after UAVs


Commercial drone software provider Kittyhawk has delivered the second instalment of its newly-launched UAV insights series by revealing which hardware manufacturers are shaping the industry.

The company, which recently unveiled an app upgrade that includes an automated flight system on its Flight Deck feature, analysed its database of clients in order to reveal which drones are the commercial drone industry’s favourite.

Through its research, Kittyhawk has revealed that the Mavic Pro is the industry’s favoured model, with almost 22% of its database relying on the model, while the Phantom 4 sits in second with less than 10%.

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The report discovered that, of Kittyhawk’s database, 71.8% of commercial operators use a DJI.

Kittyhawk founder, Joshua Ziering, wrote: “If you had doubts that the $1000 (£710) price point reins supreme, it’s time to take a careful look at what’s motivating those. I’m bullish that the $1000 price point will continue to mature in the commercial space and be the de factor standard we use in the future.

“As I’ve noted before, drones are coming in house. When a company is buying 100, or even 1000 of a particular drone, the price point really does matter. $200 (£142) delta in price per unit becomes very material at scale, particularly when the capabilities are all starting to be “good enough” to justify a commercial drone program in-house.”

A list of the most popular models can be found below.

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