Drone start-up secures £1.9m funding to take Hovermap to market


Emesent, an Australian drone start-up, has secured $3.5m (£1.9m) in funding to help towards taking its Hovermap product to market.

Hovermap is a LiDAR-based system deployed on drones to enable 3D simultaneous localisation and mapping.

According to a report by The Engineer, Hovermap was designed for the mining industry and allows mobility in tight spaces and can be autonomously navigated and mapped in the absence of GPS, as well as take gas readings and record video and images.

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Dr Stefan Hrabar, co-founder and CEO of Emesent, said: “Hovermap enables the mining industry to safely inspect inaccessible areas of underground mines, while improving the type and quality of data collected to unlock new insights.”

He added: “This includes comparing the stope design to the actual post-blast shape to detect over-break and under-break, identification of geotechnical structures and accurate post-blast volume reconciliations. The data we gather improves a mine’s productivity and provides a better understanding of conditions underground, all without sending surveyors and miners into potentially hazardous areas.”

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