A Chinese company that builds a unique drone taxi system has filed for a £77m ($100m) public offering.

EHang has filed paperwork to go public on the Nasdaq with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

EHang is the manufacturer behind the two-seater, 16-rotor autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) Ehang 216.

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Hoping to kick start the autonomous air taxi industry, EHang was recently granted approval by regulators to launch an urban air mobility service in Guangzhou, China.

As part of the launch, EHang will set up a command-and-control centre in the city to monitor the AAV traffic.

EHang’s founder, chairman and CEO, Hu Huazhi, said: “We are very excited about exploring the various meaningful ways in which AAVs can solve some of the stressors our congested cities face.

“We are in conversations with other cities, not just in China, to develop safe, efficient and affordable autonomous air transportation.”

EHang has carried out over two thousand flight tests on its way to proving the viability of AAVs.

With traffic congestion becoming an increasing issue in urban environments, companies like EHang are keen to take to the skies in search of new highways that alleviate traffic in today’s crowded cities.

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