Drone users can now report incidents confidentially online


Safety concerns and incidents regarding drones can now be reported confidentially through a new online service.

The Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) has been a charity since 1982. It provides a platform where users can anonymously report aviation and maritime incidents.

The free service has now been extended to drones.

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Reports will then be assessed by industry professionals. Incidents considered genuine will be passed on to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

CHIRP’s chief executive Ian Dugmore said: “We’re hoping drone hobbyists and enthusiasts will make good use of CHIRP’s drones reporting service as a first port of call for sharing information and reporting drone-related incidents, secure in the knowledge that their personal details will remain confidential.”

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  1. Hi there, there’s an individual who’s currently operating in the burslem area of stoke on trent, Staffordshire, united kingdom as a business with no PFCO or GVC.
    Currently breaching All drone code rules and flying dangerously over city centres & congested areas.
    His business is “skyeye photography”. He’s posting statuses on Facebook along with images on social media that are well above 400ft to wow the audience of his Facebook page & a page called “our Burslem”.
    The gentleman who’s the pilot & photographer responsible for working illegally is named “Andrew lowndes” & his mobile is : +44 07542456203.

    This gentleman as been cold called asking about providing his drone for a wedding. I’m currently a Pfco holder & it really annoys me that people think it’s ok to work illegally for prices that are through the roof. He’s charging £150/£200 to customers regularly & demands cash.

    Hope this can be resolved soon before someone gets seriously hurt with a drone that’s flying illegally over a town centre.

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