DroneHive operators inspect San Francisco’s tallest building


Drone operators from DroneHive have recently flown inspection flights around the 1,070ft Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in San Francisco.

They flew the drones on a number of days to inspect the building for any damage; something that historically building owners have done with aerial platforms hoisted over the side with human inspectors.

Operators says the new method alleviates the risk, reduces costs and increases speed and efficiency.

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They described how for a building of this size, the old method would take 400- 500 hours of inspection time.

Due to FAA regulation, the operators need to control the environment they are flying over and plan operations at off hours.

They also to consider the amount of metal and glass on the building, and its surroundings, and how this affects the communication between the controller and the drone in the air. If they lose communication they risk crashing the drone.

To avoid this, they use multiple controllers and try to fly from rooftops.

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