Dronehub launches medical supply transportation project

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European drone-in-a-box provider, Dronehub, together with  IT company Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne, has launched a transportation project called AirVein to assist medical supply chains during COVID lockdowns and other civil emergencies.

“Drones will save lives,” the company said in a statement. The firm is attempting to show the public and procurers that drones should be trusted and relied upon in medical supply lines during crises like pandemics.

Dronehub’s team has developed a system for transporting medical supplies when delivery is either technically difficult or where time in sensitive.

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AirVein is an autonomous unmanned transport system based on cargo drones operating in urban areas. The project has been supported by Poland’s Minister of Development, Ministry of Health, and the Civil Aviation Authority.

“The need for flying cargo drones is undeniable,” said Dronehub. “Samples of blood, supplies for transfusions, defibrillators and COVID tests can be delivered quicker. And the most crucial transportation can be contactless. Nowadays, it is a very important aspect of the act of preventing the spread of Covid-19.”

The company said: “AirVein is an innovative alternative to land transport. The main goal is to reduce human involvement in the transportation process. Drones could also offer a safe, effective and fast way to deliver blood products or medical supplies to hospitals by saving the time spent in traffic jams. The drone can complete a flight in about three minutes, and in the same situation, drivers need 30 minutes in average daily traffic.”

AirVein’s first flight took place in November, which included the first test of medical deliveries. The flight took place at a height of just 150 metres above the ground.

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