DroneInch releases new 3.0 automation software


The California-based UAV automation software company DroneInch has announced the release of its new DroneInch 3.0 programme.

The software, with AI-powered analytics capabilities, gathers insights from collected data.

The company said that DroneInch is the industry’s first drone automation software to power the entire drone operations lifecycle.

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The SaaS platform lets organisations plan thousands of flights remotely, operate autonomously while checking for compliance and safety, and analyse results using an AI-powered analytics engine.

Users can also collaborate with global stakeholders through annotation and task flow creation.

Precisely flying drones, DroneInch suggested, to collect data is an extremely daunting manual process.

It said that current solutions, originally developed for photography and gaming, do not meet the scale, automation, analysis, and collaboration needs of large-scale industrialized operations.

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