Drones could be used to police Irish border post-Brexit


Drones could be used to police the Irish Border after the UK withdraws from the European Union, according to reports.

The Telegraph claims Silicon Valley billionaire Palmer Luckey has said Anduril, his Artifical Intelligence company, is currently ‘looking into’ the possibility of providing support at the border, having already developed technology that is in use at the US-Mexico border.

The news comes as government ministers continue to explore ways in which a frictionless border can remain between the two countries without the need for physical checkpoints.

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And although Luckey has not shared any further details, he told The Telegraph that he was “doing a lot of work with the UK and so they tell us what the problems are that they want to solve.”

Anduril utilises drones and 32-foot high high autonomous sentry towers that are able to detect people and objects crossing a border.

The firm claims that its mission is to “solve critical defence problems” and says that its business model “brings Silicon Valley ingenuity and funding to defense.”

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