Drone deployment set to monitor Sundarbans for animal poaching


The Forest Department responsible for the Sundarbans in India are set to deploy drones at the Unesco world heritage site.

It outlined that the technology would be used to check for crimes like poaching of tigers and deer.

According to a report from the Dhaka Tribune, the department is also thinking about putting net-fence around the forest to prevent the intrusion of tigers into the localities.

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The two initiatives have already proved successful after being partly implemented in part of the Sundarbans.

Deputy minister for environment, forests and climate change, Habibun Nahar, said that all kinds of measures will be taken to beef up security in the coastal region, including the Sundarbans, through the use of modern technology.

He told the Dhaka Tribune: “Drones will play an effective role in checking illegal intrusion into the Sundarbans, poaching and robberies, and identifying illegally net fishing in the forest.”

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