Drones flown in to improve safety in roofing industry

ARPAS-UK, the professional trade association for remotely piloted aircraft systems in the UK has joined forces with the UK’s National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) to enhance safety standards for roofers.

ARPAS-UK and the NFRC have entered into an exclusive partnership designed to ensure the use of drone technology in the roofing industry is safe and legal.

The two organisations have agreed an exclusive arrangement, meaning that ARPAS-UK will provide a support package to NFRC, including production of a guidance document for NFRC members.

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The agreement also stipulates that the NFRC will promote ARPAS-UK member services to its membership.

The two trade associations believe that this collaboration will assist in safe and professional operations and growth of both industries and provide benefits to its respective members, the construction industry and the general public.

The move reportedly comes after the NFRC noticed a rise in the use of UAVs within the construction industry.

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  1. Essentially pointless, with the current separation requirements under current legislation. Vast majority of potential work will fall inside ‘congested’ areas where standard 50m separation issues makes it 10 times more expensive than using a cherry picker. Easier to stick a camera on a pole and shove it up in the air.

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