Drones help with scientific research throwing ‘dragon eggs’ on active Volcanoes


Volcano experts have used drones to throw specialist ‘dragon eggs’ onto active volcanoes to carry out further research.

The so-called eggs are actually sensors which monitor real-time volcanic activity and record things like temperature, humidity, vibrations, and toxic gases, the Metro reports.

They have been designed to be light enough to be carried by drone, have low energy consumption to last a long period of time and also to withstand extreme hot temperature.

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The eggs are placed, by drone, on the side of a volcano and ‘hatch’ when they detect movement caused by volcanic eruption.

Dr Yannick Verbelen, a Research Associate in the School of Physics, told the metro: “It is the first time an autonomous system using zero-power listening technology has been deployed in this kind of hostile environment.”

He added: “We are pushing the limits of the sensor driven low-power monitoring in this application, but that’s what research is all about.”

The eggs contain wireless transmitters which have the power capability to send information up to 10km away.

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