Drones in Brisbane to drop dye markers in life saving effort


Drones in Brisbane, Australia are being used to drop dye into the sea to mark where people in danger are located.

It forms part of the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Drone program which has commissioned a number of drones for this effort.

As reported by the Brisbane Times, the drones have been developed by The Ripper Group, and CEO Ben Trollope told the local news source they had specially modified the drones for the work.

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He explained: “Sea marker dye has been used for many years in marine search and rescue operations to see the direction of water currents.

“We’ve taken the concept of what we use on much larger drones and custom-built a new system to go onto the smaller drones, so it’s accessible to organisations like Surf Lifesaving.”

The Ripper Group has been operating the larger sea dye drones for the past three years, and has been using the new smaller drones in trials for six months.

Surf Life Saving Australia’s Shane Daw, also commented on how a fleet of 51 drones was being deployed nationally.

He detailed: “Our trial period will go through until around the middle of the year and then we’ll review the results.”

“Having that bird’s-eye perspective gives us the ability to spot hazards and identify potential risks, it just opens up another world to us.”

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