Drones key to future business opportunity, research finds

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Research carried out by Frost & Sullivan, a US-based business consultancy, has found how mainstream drone delivery can open the door to business opportunity around the world.

It detailed how faster deliveries, reduced road traffic, access to remote areas, accurate deliveries and greater convenience can accelerate both the commercial UAV and ecommerce sectors.

It went on to highlight how offering drones that are optimised to the specific needs of individual application areas could result in a range of business models and revenue streams.

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Joe Praveen Vijayakumar, mobility consulting vice president at Frost & Sullivan said: “Acknowledging the vast application scope of the technology, drone delivery companies are collaborating with drone software platform companies to develop advanced artificial intelligence and autonomous flight capabilities.”

He added: “There is also considerable potential to partner with companies developing next-generation rotors and propellers that can muzzle sound. Furthermore, investments in robust cybersecurity are crucial to increase adoption of drone delivery systems.

“The rise of blockchain in the commercial drone market will make drone services more secure, precise, and easier to track and regulate. Blockchain can employ cryptography to help drones securely communicate with each other, the customer’s mobile phone, as well as the command center,” he concluded.

The report predicted that as drone delivery becomes increasingly mainstream, companies will be able to enjoy greater growth too.

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