Drones replacing fireworks could make Bonfire Night traditions a thing of the past


Drones have been used as a replacement for fireworks at a variety of events across the world this year, sparking debate on how we could soon see a different type of celebrations on November 5.

UAVs were incorporated as part of displays at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea and also on July 4 celebrations in the US.

Tonight, people across the UK will celebrate Bonfire Night as they have always known with huge firework displays and large fires but this could soon change.

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Year on year, safety is always a worry for officials at events for not only people but also for the environment surrounding the display.

To combat this, drones could soon be implemented to replace traditional fireworks and put on a light display instead, ensuring a safer event.

Costs would also be saved as the devices can be used not only again the following year but also for a variety for other tasks depending on who owns them.

Following the display for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, onlookers took to Twitter to give their feedback and it was mostly positive.

According to a report by the BBC, one Twitter user said “Give the drone pilots a gold medal,” another said “You’ve gotta admit that drone show was pretty awesome” while another described how a drone tiger was her “favourite thing of the year.”

Drone displays for Guy Fawkes celebrations across the country would be difficult to implement on mass at first due to CAA regulation but, following the success seen so far at major events worldwide, UAV displays could on become mainstream.

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