Drones revolutionising Japan’s farming industry


XAG’s new innovations in drone technology are allowing Japanese farmers better control over crop spraying in complex terrains.

A partnership between XAG and Bayer has seen crop spraying drones combined with innovations in seeds and crop protection to move the country’s farms forward into the future.

Since establishing XAIRCRAFT as a subsidiary, XAG has worked with local authorities and farmers to develop new uses for drones.

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In addition to crop spraying, drones are used in field mapping and the direct seeding of rice.

A statement regarding drone use on Japan’s farms read: “This September, XAG collaborated with local agriculture department and fruit tree research centre to conduct drone spraying demonstration on citrus trees in Japan’s Ehime-ken.

“By accurately controlling the discharge rate, droplet size and spraying width, the atomisation spraying technology could ensure that the pesticide was uniformly deposited onto each side of the leaves without overdose or misses.”

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