Drones show value with nearly all states using the aerial tech


Drone technology is continuing to show its value around the world, with the US being an example of just that.

A report from the Associated Press detailed how public transport agencies are using the technology in nearly every state.

The report from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials shows a sharp increase in their use over the last few years, reflecting the rapid adoption of the technology by governments as well as hobbyists

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In 2016, the non-profit group found no state transportation agency was using drones on a daily basis. #

Now, the increase in use of drone tech and value means 36 states have certified drone pilots on staff.

As well as transportation agencies, public bodies have also put drones to work in other areas.

For example, in Utah, drones record from the air as state workers set off planned avalanches, allowing them to watch the slides up close in real time to increase safety measures in the future.

Drones also can measure snow and other elements of the state’s rugged terrain to keep them from blocking roads or other infrastructure.

Utah specifically has confirmed it is getting 40 new drones to aid with work transport among other things.

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