Drones step up to the mark to weigh in on war on plastic

All Female Crew Sail Around The UK To Highlight The Problem Of Ocean Litter

Drone technology has been cited as an avenue that presents a raft of benefits for tackling the war on plastics.

According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, by 2050 the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.

Marine specialists and UAV industry experts alike have stated that drones hold the potential to combat the harmful levels of plastic in the world’s most fragile underwater ecosystems with survey optimised software and analytics.

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Robert Garbett, CEO of Drone Major Group, said: “Eventually we will be able to do much more than just survey our oceans but develop large scale, autonomous ocean cleaning vessels to combat the plastic menace.

“Guided by satellites (space drones), it is likely that we will be able to accurately map the level of plastics in our oceans across the world, directing the autonomous vessels to the heart of the problem. In the meantime, Drone Major Group will continue to support those projects which are already making a great difference to the health of our oceans.”

The Drone Major platform draws together 80% of the global drone industry, facilitating connectivity by offering advice and guidance to professionals as well as giving customers a central point to contact suppliers.

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