Drones used as inexpensive alternative to document climate change


Reuters photographer and qualified drone pilot Peter Jackson, has used a drone to document climate change.

He went out to Greenland in June this year and spent seven days using a drone as an inexpensive way to record climate change in the region.

Reuters has said it sees drones as an emerging tool for newsgathering, but is hesitant as the UAVs can pose several legal and ethical risks.

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Following the trip, Jackson told Reuters: “People are tempted to use a drone just to use a drone. They should be used to get a perspective at an elevated angle that would be too risky or costly to get without a drone.”

He added: “We should apply heightened consideration and sensitivity to ensure our use of drones does not stalk, harass, or intimidate any person, including any subject of our coverage.”

Reuters journalists follow an in-house handbook for journalism which says drones must be used in daylight hours, at specific altitudes and at a safe distance from an airport.

This has meant Reuters use of drones so far, has been limited as most journalists still use helicopters to take overhead shots.

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