Drones used to inspect 100 miles of power lines in five days


Honeywell’s UAV-based inspection service has helped utility company Ozarks inspect more than 100 miles of power lines in 5 days.

Without UAV technology, inspecting the same distance takes approximately two weeks with up to 15 employees.

Using drones meant the task could be carried out more safely and without the need and cost for helicopter hire.

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UAVs also provided Ozarks Electric Cooperative with better quality data from the assessment.

Mitchell Johnson, president and CEO at Ozarks Electric Cooperative, said: “Ozarks Electric Cooperative is constantly trying to innovate and improve in areas like reliability, quality and sustainability.”

He added: “Our collaboration with Honeywell helps us improve in these areas and connects us with the data analytics we need to work smarter, advance operations and add value to our members.”

The United States Department of Labour lists utility line work as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country as on-foot or helicopter missions to remote locations can cause problems meaning drones could soon be looked at as the common alternative.

Companies like Honeywell will want to capitalise on this trend and make the most of saving utility firms time and money.

Brad Westphal, Honeywell’s UAV business leader, said: “With decades of experience in developing world-class avionics systems and software, Honeywell is well positioned to bring scalable UAV solutions to our customers.”

He continued: “We understand the real-world complexities of the end-to-end environment and are advancing UAV systems and software at a higher rate than our competitors to help digitise and connect a variety of businesses, including utilities, renewables and oil and gas.”

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