Drones vital in getting isolated communities online for Northumberland firm


Alncom, a Northumberland-based communications company, is using drones to help connect isolated communities to the internet.

The company is using UAVs to carry out wireless broadband and CCTV surveys, an approach which is dramatically reducing the time of each job and yielding more reliable results and aiding decision making.

According to an article posted by Heliguy, the same firm which Alncom purchases its drone products from, Stephen Pinchen, MD at Alncom, commented on how drones were making his company’s work easier and more effected.

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He explained how UAVs had changed the conventional way of working which would usually require two teams in two locations, a lot of kit and half a day’s worth of time.

He said: “With a drone, we can fly to antenna height, take a high-resolution 360 photo, and then analyse it on our phones. Generally, if we can physically ‘see’ our target, we’ll be able to reach it so we can then decide to go ahead or carry out further testing.”

For example, the picture below is taken from a 360 image from a drone, showing a relay site with superfast broadband.

It is 8.5km away, but because of drone capability, the team was able to see it clearly, meaning that a microwave link could be created to deliver superfast broadband to the farm and farm cottages.

Pinchen added: “So that’s five more properties in rural Northumberland that can now get superfast broadband.”

Alncom released a YouTube video explaining what drones have enabled it to do.

You can watch it here:

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