DroneSeed signs deal to save dying Oregon nature reserve


Seattle-based DroneSeed has signed a contract to use its drones to help restore patches of land in Oregon which has been destroyed by nature.

The company has come to an agreement with The Nature Conservancy Oregon, to provide access to drone swarm technology in a bid to converse the ecosystem.

DroneSeed is a paid per acre service which restores forests and rangelands using drone swarms.

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The area has already lost 50% of its sagebrush and is at risk of losing the remaining half in the next 50 years.

DroneSeed’s swarm technology has been designed to scale, plant and protect significant acreage in specific areas to boost survival rates of nature.

Its aircraft operates in swarms of up to five drones to provide precision seeding and uses software to aerially deploy seed vessels to targeted areas.

DroneSeed’s heavy lift aircraft can carry 57 lbs of seed vessels per drone which will improve seed survival by reducing the common problem of seeds ‘drying up’.

The company is the first to be approved by the FAA to operate with swarms of up to five aircraft weighing more than 55 lbs.

Grant Canary, DroneSeed’s CEO and founder, said: “The Nature Conservancy is an ideal partner for us as we’re highly aligned on a mission and are both engaged in developing and advancing technology solutions for conservation outcomes.

“Our objective with this project is to test and demonstrate that this innovative approach can achieve successful restoration faster and more efficiently than conventional methods.”

DroneSeed has been operating since 2016 under contracts with three of the five largest timber companies in the U.S.

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