DroneShield unveils RfZero after extensive user feedback


DroneShield has unveiled a new product which it says has been developed with the help of extensive end-user feedback.

RfZero is an omnidirectional drone detection device with a 1km range and is available for purchase to qualified end-users.

The product was designed to be a cost-effective fixed site alternative to the company’s higher end product, RfOne, a 5km radiofrequency direction finder.

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It responds to the needs of users with more substantial budgetary constraints and uses DroneShieldComplete, the firm’s proprietary counterdrone software user interface.

It is able to integrate with the rest of the fixed site DroneShield product suite, such as DroneCannon for either automated or manual drone defeat, once RfZero detects the drone.

RfZero is completely non-emitting, thus allowing for a substantially larger customer base.

DroneShield’s CEO Oleg Vornik said: “RfZero is expected to appeal to a wide range of users looking for a more cost-effective fixed-site solution, complementing our RfOne high-performance product.

“Typical target customers for RfZero include prisons, VIPs, commercial sites, mining industry, events, and qualified corporate users, while airport and military customers generally find RfOne to be the more suitable offering.

“Following the recent releases of the pistol-shaped drone mitigation device DroneGun MKIII and the body-worn RfPatrol detection device, DroneShield is pleased to have the most extensive product offering on the market, developed based on the extensive customer feedback we received to date”.

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