Dronestream launches web platform with sub-group functionality


Dronestream has launched its web platform to enable pilots to create organisations and sub groups.

The platform will offer this new functionality while allowing pilots to live stream the video, map and chat insights directly to the viewer via the app, and now web platform.

As part of the release, Dronestream detailed how the move comes as live streaming ultra-low latency drone feeds is starting to become a minimum requirement when choosing software to manage a drone organisation spread over vast areas, states or even countries.

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The firm said that being able to link teams to the heart of the action means the pilot can work in an agile way to ensure they are in control of a safe flight, all whilst the team can look at the visual data being received and act accordingly.

Dronestream hopes its offering can help to alleviate the problems of poor communication, local weather conditions and what is outside the drone cameras field of view.

The launch also provides map insight which allows the viewer to tap into the stream via their laptop, Android or iOS device.

To help with communication, the live stream carries the captured audio from the pilots remote control through to the viewer, to which the viewer can respond to via a written message that the pilot can choose to have subtly overlaid over the feed.

The new offering also incorporates an east-to-use user interface, record library and ultra-low latency.

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