Egypt Unveils Locally Produced UAVs At Defence Expo

Wing Loong UAV

Egypt’s Defence Expo (EDEX), held in Cairo on 29 November – 2 December featured two locally produced drones marking the Arab world’s most populated country’s debut to the UAV industry.


The Neuth drone, named after the Egyptian sky goddess was co-produced by the Military Technical College and the Arab Organisation for Industrialization, to perform strategic reconnaissance missions using electro-optical technologies, with a maximum payload reaching 50 Kilograms and 10 hours of endurance time, as well as satellite integration capabilities.

EJune-30 SW

Additionally, the Egyptian pavilion showcased the EJune-30 SW drone, produced by Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production using complex industrial robots. The 8.9 metres long UAV, is equipped with automated take-off and landing capabilities, with a 12 metres wingspan and maximum take-off weight of 1400 kilograms.

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The EJune-30 SW can reach speeds of 260 kph, and 7000 metres in altitude, with 24 hours of endurance time, making it a perfect fit for tactical missions requiring high levels of endurance over extended periods.

Moreover, the pavilion featured another drone under development, the Thebes-30, designed to perform surveillance missions and collect intelligence.

Counter-Terrorism Operations

Egypt’s Armed Forces had previously utilised UAVs in several counter-terrorism operations in the northeast Sinai province, including the Chinese-built Chengdu Wing Loong fitted with laser-guided missiles on its underwing hard points and YJ-203 Ku-Band synthetic aperture and moving target indicator radars.

However, the newly introduced Neuth and EJune-30 SW UAVs are the country’s first locally produced military drones.

EDEX is Egypt’s first international defence exhibition, featuring air, land and sea military technologies.

The exhibition is held biennially at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo, to bring together key defence and security leaders in the region and across the world.

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