EHang has presented its ‘drone ‘taxi’ to a group of journalists in Vienna.

It was introduced in the Austrian capital’s Generali Arena football stadium and made ‘hops’ around the ground to show what it could do.

As it is not yet authorised for use in Austrian airspace, it had to stay inside the stadium but did make vertical moves of up to 30 feet.

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According to France 24, EHang says it has received thousands of pre-orders and is working with Austrian aeronautics company FACC to start mass production as of next year.

The EHang 216 is equipped with eight sets of rotors which emit a noise level of 90 decibels, below a normal helicopter but still easily loud enough to be uncomfortable.

The firm says it hopes to get the noise level down to 75 decibels.

EHang’s goal is to use to the drone to carry passengers at low altitude over distances of up to 22 miles but still needs to be cleared for use by aviation authorities.

Earlier this week, CDP reported on the news that EHang had withdrew its plans for an IPO in the US.

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EHang delays IPO in favour of private fundraising plan, reports suggest

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