Elite UAV pilot fears US is ‘not ready’ to defend against progressive drone industry

An Elite drone pilot has described how he thinks airborne threats are ‘outpacing’ US defenses.

Brett Velicovich, who now advises government officials on how to defend against drones, thinks the technology in place isn’t sufficient enough to successfully fend off an attack.

This news comes just over a week after President Trump signed a bill which gave US authorities permissions to shoot down drones which pose a potential risk.

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However, according to a report by Fox News, FBI and Homeland Security officials have recently told the senate that the US is still a long way behind when it comes to a potential domestic attack from a commercial drone.

The same report goes on to detail how Velicovich believes the alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro over the summer, in which two drones loaded with explosives detonated amid a military parade, was apparently carried out with the kind of technology available to everyday consumers.

Velikovich also thinks the new bill doesn’t do enough in the way of preventing a potential attack, but does think it is a step in the right direction.

He told Fox News: “The technology that exists now isn’t capable of successfully taking down drones at the rate it needs to be, so the bill won’t matter, but it’s a good beginning.”

He continued: “The same stuff that’s available to consumers is the kind of tech I wished I would’ve had in the military. In the course of simple development, drone manufacturers are creating things that defeat these millions of dollars of equipment that the government uses to help combat the problem, so it’s a constant back-and-forth between government agencies that see the threat, and these manufacturers just trying to make money.”

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