Embention optimises TS150 tether drone to assist agents in coronavirus fight


Embention is enhancing its TS150 Tethered Drone to help security officers to effectively control the spread of the virus, avoiding the exposure of our professionals to risk.

Due to the international situation of alarm, the Spanish-based firm says it is in the process of optimising one of its best-known drones, the TS150.

The TS150 is a Tether Drone that can be in continuous flight for days, with no need to land to replace batteries or refuel. Usually, it is mainly used in surveillance tasks in different areas and environments.

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With this update, it will be able to carry out support tasks against COVID-19. Given the current situation, Embention says it is vital to monitor people’s movements and quickly identify possible positive cases to control the spread.

To facilitate these tasks, the TS150 Tether Drone, among other functionalities, will provide support to agents and security forces in their daily surveillance and control of urban, interurban and traffic spaces.

This is thanks to the fact that the drone uses a control station with unlimited power supply through the cable, being able to reach flight heights of up to 150m.

This increases the surveillance range of the units and patrols, enhancing the precision in virus control, and guaranteed greater security for professionals.

The company has notified that among the provided enhancements on the TS150 it finds:

● Training of the Artificial Intelligence software for license plate recognition and identification.

● Development of an alarm system and automatic authorizations to identify possible violators and reduce the workload of the security forces.

● Research in the use of radiometric thermal cameras to measure the temperature of people and detect possible positive cases as soon as possible. With these cameras we hope to be able to identify fever cases at 100m distance.

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