Engineering consultancy deploys UAVs for complex bridge survey


Engineering consultancy Billinghurst George and Partners took to the skies in order to inspect a beam bridge for industry giant Siemens Turbo Machinery Lincolnshire depot.

In order to conduct the aerial inspection the consultancy employed Middlesborough-based DJM Aerial Solutions.

The inspection took place after negotiating the highly regulated MOD no-fly zones in and around Lincoln city centre, including that of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.

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DJM Aerial Solutions was able to carry out a successful bridge survey on the underside of the asset. The Siemens site was “very intense” with several high electromagnetic frequencies interfering with the firm’s compass while there was also a live rail line running close to the site.

A spokesperson for DJM said: “We were operating at the bottom of a valley and were five metres below sea level. This clearly had a major effect on our GPS coverage and we decided the best and safest option would be to operate in ATTI mode. We also decided that the sensors surrounding the drone would need to be disabled as we were flying over water and the reflection from the surface might have caused false commands.”

The drone operator’s risk assessment was written and passed by Siemens site officials along with Billinghurst George and Partners and before DJM took on the task using the stable Matrice M210 and top-mounted camera Zenmuse Z30.

This method allowed the company to navigate to the centre of the bridge and pan and zoom the camera under control whilst maintaining stability of the UAV knowing we had several metres of room surrounding the drone before worrying about collisions.

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