European commercial drone developer FIXAR enters the Indian market with Paras Aerospace


EU-based commercial drone design and software developer FIXAR has signed an exclusivity agreement with the leading Indian technology development company Paras Aerospace, a subsidiary of Paras Defense and Space Technologies Limited, for FIXAR unmanned solution distribution in India.

Both companies will collaborate to ensure access to efficient and cost-effective unmanned aerial solutions offering an autonomous vertical take-off and landing model FIXAR 007 and a professional multirotor FIXAR INDOOR dedicated to indoor mapping, inspection, monitoring, surveillance, inventory, and exploration. Operations Setup, business development, and technical support for providing this future-ready technology will be supported by Paras. Paras Aerospace will be the Master Certification Compliance partner for FIXAR in India.

The first step is the market introduction of the flagship FIXAR 007, equipped with in-house developed embedded Autopilot and closed-source xGroundControl Software for safe, secure and efficient missions. FIXAR 007 sets itself apart with its patented Fixed Angle Rotor system for seamless transitions to level flight and enhanced efficiency. All motors are in use during the entire flight. The UAV has demonstrated an increased flight length (up to 60km/37.3 mi), payload capacity (2kg/4.4lb max), and increased stability compared to similar class drones. As an end-to-end in-house product, FIXAR 007 is adjustable to diverse market safety requirements, promptly available on the market.

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The first FIXAR 007 unmanned aerial vehicles are estimated to reach users in India by November 2021. The initial agreement sets the mark of 150 drones to be delivered to operators in India for real-time video surveillance, laser scanning and aerial photography tasks in government, agriculture, security, surveying and more.

“We’re excited to enter the Indian market as it holds great potential. We estimate fast overall UAV market expansion based on a liberalisation of Drone Rules in India, which eases user and operator access to unmanned aerial vehicles and allows to apply UAV solutions to a broader array of applications,” says Vasily Lukashov, founder and CEO at FIXAR. “We are glad to take this step together with Paras as a well-known and reliable company in the field of aerospace in India,” he adds.

Speaking on the cooperation Pankaj Akula, CEO, Paras Aerospace, said, “It has been a privilege to serve the nation through our technological integration and production support for over three decades now. In these virtual times, drone technology has been revolutionising various industries worldwide for carrying out smooth functioning of essential commercial processes.”

“Drones play an essential part in the successful implementation of various key functions imperative for operational excellence, whether it is real-time video surveillance, cargo delivery, laser scanning or aerial photography. FIXAR is the platform with the Fixed Angular Rotor Drone concept, which will uniquely address this requirement. We are looking forward to continued support from thriving businesses for industry-leading drone solutions,” he emphasises.

The unmanned aerial vehicle market in India is growing, and in 2021 the industry and market will be valued at $1 billion. Further growth is estimated based on the increased drone applicability range and new advanced UAV models developed to carry heavier payload and work in challenging and severe environments.

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