Europe’s Primoco UAV enters Middle East drone market via Saudi Arabia

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Primoco UAV, a Czech manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, has signed a deal with a Saudi Arabian organisation in order to break into the expanding Gulf drone market.

The deal with Saudi’s Middle East Systems & Technology (MEST) will provide regional representation and create a joint venture.

Primoco UAV said it wants to attract new clients for its unmanned aircraft in the Middle East and build a service and training centre in Saudi Arabia.

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“Primoco UAV will deliver the first unmanned aircraft to Kurdistan in April this year and we are preparing new contracts in neighbouring countries, so it is very important for us to create a re-gional office,” said Ladislav Semetkovský, founder and CEO of Primoco UAV.

“Together with MEST we are negotiating with several clients in Saudi Arabia, and we believe in our joint success.”

MEST was established in 2013 with a focus on meeting Saudi Arabia’s security and defence needs. It has gradually become a comprehensive supplier, whose activities include, in addition to the defence sector, a number of other fields – from telecommunications and information technology, through engineering, industry, aviation, logistics to maritime transport.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the MEST Group operates in other markets in the Gulf region, either directly or through joint ventures involving foreign direct investment.

“In our view, global success comes through strong regional positions, so in addition to the representation in Riyadh, which will be responsible for the Middle East, we have established similar representations in Bangalore for India, Moscow for the Russian Federation and Kuala Lumpur for Asia,” added Semetkovský.

Primoco UAV develops and produces the One 150 civilian and military unmanned aircraft, capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans.  

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