Everdrone releases new navigation system for UAVs


Everdrone has released what it calls the world’s most advanced visual navigation system for UAVs.

Powered by Intel RealSense technology, the system integrates with any UAV platform through the flight controller and can provide features such as 360° obstacle avoidance, high accuracy optical flow navigation, and precision take-off and landing.

The onboard hardware can process over 5GB of sensor data per minute, drastically narrowing the performance gap between navigation systems for autonomous drones.

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The release of the new system is part of the Swedish-based firm’s ultimate goal of achieving autonomous drone flight.

Speaking to CDP last month, the company’s CEO, Mats Sallstrom, said: “A large part of our software is based on two fundamental technologies, 3D perception and optical flow navigation. These technologies allow Everdrone to create intelligent, autonomous high-level decision making supporting a large number of applications and use cases.”

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Everdrone working to achieve ‘ultimate goal’ of autonomous drone flight



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