Everdrone working to achieve ‘ultimate goal’ of autonomous drone flight


Everdrone has confirmed it is working hard to eradicate the issues around safety and effectiveness when it comes to drone flight.

The Swedish-based drone software development company says it is striving to provide companies around the world achieve the ultimate goal of autonomous drone flight.

Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional, Mats Sällström commented on the company’s mission: “A large part of our software is based on two fundamental technologies, 3D perception and optical flow navigation. These technologies allow Everdrone to create intelligent, autonomous high-level decision making supporting a large number of applications and use cases.”

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He added: “The outcome is basically safer and more reliable manoeuvring of the drone than is currently available on the drone market. This is especially important when operating in urban areas around buildings and people.”

Sällström went on to say that in the area of truly autonomous drones it currently sees no business model that is actually generating money.

Mats Sällström (bottom right) and the Everdrone team.

He explained: “The reason, obviously, are the regulatory challenges that is putting limitations on the market, but also the fact that the industry hasn’t been able to present a complete drone system that is proven safe enough, but that is about to change and Everdrone’s software can contribute to this development.

“Our business model is to implement our software with other drone platforms. We are currently looking for companies to partner with that have the same approach to safety and reliability when developing hardware as Everdrone has when developing software. We are very interested in talking to companies that have a robust drone platform with a high level of airworthiness flying today. And when we are talking about airworthiness, we mean a high level of redundancy and lots of proven flight hours.”

Sällström, who was appointed as Everdrone’s CEO in June of last year, confirmed the company’s priority right now is to complete its 1.0 version by the end of the year and he believes the industry will reap the rewards once that target has been achieved.

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