EXCLUSIVE: CDP kicks off monthly Special Report series with innovation focus


CDP will be releasing a series of monthly special reports throughout the course of 2020, starting with a focus on drone innovation.

This month, the first of the year, delves into how despite the term ‘innovation’ being used by a number of businesses across a variety of market verticals, just how important it is for drones around the world.

Speaking to industry leading names from across the market including DJI, iRed and Flock, CDP finds out just what drone innovation means for the business side of the market and how it can help drive what the industry is trying to achieve forward.

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Last year, in the first special report put together by CDP, we found out more about the importance of training.

Keep up to date with past reports here:

February 2019 – A CDP Special Report on Drone Training
January 2020 – A CDP Special Report on Industry Innovation

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