EXCLUSIVE: Commercial pilots should act as ‘role models’ for hobbyists, claims CAA


UAV pilots flying with commercial licences should act as safe flying ambassadors, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

British regulation body, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told Commercial Drone Professional that in order for the development of drones to continue it is important that the nation’s most skilled and trained pilots act as ambassadors for safe flying.

The CAA’S Jonathan Nicholson, assistant director of communications, said: “We need people to follow the rules, follow the regulations, particularly for non-commercial users who need to follow the drone code, and commercial users need to set an example, as ambassadors, to help explain what they can do. But also we want them to set a good example to others.

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“We want people to think drones are good and useful and operate safely to perform valuable jobs and are great hobbies, not having people thinking drones are dangerous.”

Nicholson also explained that, while hobbyists and commercial users flying outside the UK’s regulatory framework tar the industry with the same brush, cracking down on education and enforcement will ensure safe flying and will protect the industry’s reputation.

He said: “We’re putting a lot of effort and a lot of money into education, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. The other aspect is the people who know there are rules that actively break the rules.

“The police are the enforcement agencies for any kind of illegal drone use, as they would be for any illegal activity in the UK, and we work closely with them.
There’s an element of education for those people but also enforcement from the police as well to show them that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable.”

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