EXCLUSIVE: Coptrz comfortable competing with specialists as an all-round provider

Commercial drone entities that offer enterprise clients a wide variety of services can still compete with UAV operators that offer a unique specialism.

This is the view of Coptrz, which first entered the commercial UAV market in 2016 and provides support to companies looking to bolster their service with the addition of UAV capabilities.

Coptrz’s business development manager, James Pick, told Commercial Drone Professional that, while the operator is spread across many different areas within the market, it is still able to win clients and gain repeat business due to its quality of service and personal business approach.

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Pick commented: “Where we try to set ourselves apart is with our personal touch. We do actually offer the ongoing support afterwards and we have a great team of professionals working in various industries.

“Coptrz will always compete, the amount of people I talk to on a daily basis who haven’t necessarily looked into the world of drones yet have certainly heard of us is a great kudos.”

As well as offering a friendly and supportive service, Coptrz attributes much of its success over the last two years to its focus on new applications and reacting to what customers want.

“In terms of our growth we have just got to keep our eye on the ball and keep going into these areas that we can learn from, talking to clients and them giving us the requirements that they need and actually tailoring our packages towards them,” added Pick.

“Listening is one of the biggest things we do which is really good. We talk to people, we really have a finger on the pulse and we all go out to discover new things and [within the company] we teach one and other.”

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