EXCLUSIVE: Coverdrone MD expresses importance of finding the “right” policy plan


UK drone insurance provider, Coverdrone, is keen to ensure its customers receive the correct policy plan to cover them for their complete flight programme.

Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional, the company’s managing director, Andrew Heath, echoed that same message and said how he felt it was important for pilots to be sufficiently covered.

He explained: “In terms of advice, it may sound simple, but purchasing the ‘right’ cover is more important than choosing the cheapest option.

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“Ultimately, the pilot is protecting their business, and they’ll want to do this in the best way possible. Further to this, deciding between short term and annual policies is a big decision. Very often, the longer term insurance contract is the most cost effective.”

Market growth has meant that drone cover is more easily obtained than in the past but, despite this, the industry believes that knowing what type of cover is necessary and laying out criteria that details with exactly what the pilot plans to do is vital.

Heath added: “Coverdrone insured its first commercial drone operator approximately ten years ago, however the policy that we sell today is worlds apart from that initial policy. We believe that UK drone insurance is now a well-represented industry and, if you compare it to other policy types, it is at the forefront of flexibility from technology to coverage.”

With increased air traffic and regulatory implementations to contend with in the future, pilots and insurers in the UK face added obstacles as the market matures.

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