EXCLUSIVE: DJI director praises founder’s “innovative mind” reflecting on business success

DJI director of marketing and corporate communication Barbara Stelzner told Commercial Drone Professional in an exclusive interview that the innovative mind of its founder has been the secret to its success.

Founded in 2006, the Chinese company has left its competitors in the dust and is reportedly responsible for over 70% of the global drone market.

Stelzner told CDP: “Our founder’s passion for innovation is actually what has, and continues to make, DJI the successful company that it is today.”

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She continued, praising DJI’s employees for the progress. “DJI is also driven by its engineers, who continually focus on innovation and user experience.

“We help users break down complex technology and make it easy-to-use, reliable and accessible to anyone with a creative vision.”

Stelzner added: “This appeals to the market place. Despite the drone sector being a relatively young industry, it has developed significantly since DJI’s introduction of the flight control system enabling stable hovering without input from the user.”

Reflecting on the company’s many successes and industry milestones, she said: “We reimagined what a quadcopter should look like when we brought our first foldable drone, the Mavic Pro, to market. We took the aerial gimbal from our drones and created an entirely new product category when we placed it on our handheld Osmo series. We made the first drone that people can control with hand gestures. We were the first to add geofencing systems to our drones to help pilots make better decisions about where to fly.

“Key is that we are not just focusing on one drone category; amongst civilian drone manufacturers we are unique in offering the widest product portfolio – from the small Mavic Mini weighing less than 250 grams to the Agras T16 which has a maximum take-off weight of 40 kg.”

This interview was first published in CDP’s February 2020 Special Report. Read the full report below:

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