EXCLUSIVE: DJI reveals its secret to amassing such a huge share of the drone market


While an increasingly amount of companies are rearing their heads to take a slice of the commercial drone market, one company has managed to carve its place out as one of the market’s undisputed leaders.

DJI, a Chinese-founded commercial and consumer drone manufacturer, first opened its doors in 2006 and has gone on to shape the industry’s hardware, software and use-cases.

While the company is only 12 years old, recent research suggests that as much as 70% of the UK commercial market uses DJI drones.

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Martin Brandenburg, DJI’s EMEA managing director, told Commercial Drone Professional he believes the organisation managed to claim its place in the market due to its focus on research and development.

Brandenburg said: “I think the number one reason we are where we are today is we are an R&D driven company so it is truly the best-of-class technology that we’re after.

“In the first few years at DJI we didn’t really sell consumer drones as they’re known today, the vision of our founder and CEO Frank Wang was to bring out a product that he thought was perfect, and that’s still the mind-set of DJI. We like to think things through, we like to challenge the status quo and ultimately bring out products that we believe are the best we can make.”

While Brandenburg recognises how DJI’s R&D-centric strategy placed it in a strong position, he also believes the company is successful as a result of its highly-accessible products.

“The general idea was, and still is, to make very complex technology usable and affordable for everybody. It’s what we like to call democratised technology.”

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