EXCLUSIVE: DJI VP calls on drone professionals to have input on regulation and labels UK as “friendly place for drones”


DJI’s vice president for policy and legal affairs has called on drone pilots in the UK to get involved with local and regional governments on regulation and legislation.

In an exclusive interview with CDP at AirWorks, Brendan Schulman stressed how important it was for users to show the good they are doing with drones.

Schulman, a prominent drone and aviation lawyer before he began his work at DJI, said: “I think we are doing well but it’s a lot of hard work and effort but of course it is always helpful to have the actual users engaged and talking to their local government representatives about how they are using drone technologies.”

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He added: “If your readers have good application then they should go out and talk to city council or their regional and national government about drone legislation and regulation and let them know what good they are doing with drones and drone technology.”

As well as encouraging drone pilots to help the UK government by showing what good work is going on within the industry, he did also acknowledge that he believes the CAA is doing a good job and, from his experience, sees the UK as a “friendly place for drones.”

He said: “I have a team in Europe in Frankfurt but they are engaged in the UK drone policy work. I know there has been a number of proposals lately and we’ve filed comments and had input into that and had meetings.

“There is a consulting firm that works with us as well in the UK. We’ve had good engagement from the CAA in the UK and I think they are quite reasonable and have a good perspective on the benefits of the technology so the UK’s been a friendly place for drones.”

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