EXCLUSIVE: HALO Drones founder outlines importance of high drone training standards in wider industry


Philip Tarry, co-founder and director of HALO Drones, is hopeful that if training providers across the UK can ‘push up’ the standards of drone operation in the UK, wider industry will reap the rewards.

HALO Drones, a training provider based in Bath, prides itself, according to Tarry, on giving course attendees the highest level of drone training to stand them in good stead for a long career using drones in respective industries.

In an exclusive interview with Commercial Drone Professional, Tarry, who was the first officially appointed chairman of trade body ARPAS-UK, said he thinks that sending people away with the correct knowledge can not only improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work, but also save them time and money.

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He explained: “Our course focuses on engaging learning methods that are based on a scenario so that the information learnt is put into context. It is reasonably well understood that it will increase the understanding and amount of knowledge retained when put into practice.”

“It is of course, easy for me to give you a bunch of numbers, tell you to remember them, give you a multiple choice questionnaire on the second day and get you to regurgitate that memory. That by no means, demonstrates competency at all,” he continued.

Discussing just what exactly Tarry wants to achieve at HALO, he said his team have worked together and invested vast amounts of time and money to create an effective training programme.

He elaborated: “HALO uses training methodologies that currently, no other NQE currently utilises. It’s all about non-didactic training methods which are about getting away from the more traditional lecture focused, death by PowerPoint process of training. It is well understood that over 75% of information you are given or told is forgotten within 24 hours, so one could argue there is little point in attending a lecture based classroom at all.”

Tarry, an experienced member of the industry within the UK, went on to stress just how important a good level of training is for end users to go away with when taking it into their everyday work.

Keen to reference a recent CDP magazine feature on how Yorkshire Water operates an in-house team, he expressed the importance of a particular statement, which reads: “We’ve spoken to quite a few pilots on our journey who, we feel, do not have the necessary level of competence and awareness of risk to undertake aerial operations.”

Speaking before the reports of drone sightings at Gatwick and Heathrow, Tarry’s comments now seem even more relevant in what is a fast growing industry calling out for higher and higher levels of competency.

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