EXCLUSIVE: Dedicated regulations will drive industry on, INVOLI says

Dedicated industry regulations within the commercial drone sector will drive the industry forward, INVOLI says.

As part of a Industry Innovation Special Report put together by Commercial Drone Professional, INVOLI detailed how it will allow not just itself as a company but also those around them, to progress.

Commenting on the challenges holding the industry back from being truly innovative, Cristina Mihalachioiu, co-founder of the firm, said it is the lack of specificity with laws that is slowing things down.

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She explained: “I think the main challenge is common for the entire industry and not only for us: lack of dedicated regulations.

“The link between innovativeness and lack of regulations may not be obvious, but drone companies are subject to aviation laws, which is a very strict industry; if special laws for drones aren’t in place and if these laws are not aligned with the technical reality and are not taking into account potential future technological progresses, no innovation can be fully unleashed.”

Adding: “While it may be true that none of the major breakthroughs in history had anything to do with regulations (regulations were then adapted to fit the new discoveries/inventions), we are all in a market phase nowadays, having taken our innovations out of the research labs into the real world, where we need more structure in order to further progress.”

Read the full special report HERE.

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