EXCLUSIVE: Lowest price point USP is not a strategy for success, claims Consortiq


Professional UAV pilot training entities that are undercutting their competitors are likely to miss out on business as end users favour other qualities, warns Consortiq.

Paul Rigby, the company’s CEO, believes that in order to compete in the marketplace, pilot training organisations must offer something unique that other local facilities aren’t offering.

He told Commercial Drone Professional that qualified entities, which are all regulated under the same standard set by the CAA, should avoid using low price points as a means of differentiating themselves from competitors.

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He said: “Some people will claim there’s no standard but there is a standard because to get a national qualified entity approval you obviously have to meet the requirements of the CAA, they set what that minimum is.

“But obviously as a company you don’t set out to provide the minimum, you try to exceed your customers’ expectations and give them the best possible chance for success, so everyone tries to outdo each other.

“Everyone is saying ‘we can do the course quicker’ and ‘our course is better quality’ ‘we’ll teach you more about this’ and actually for those people and organisations that perhaps aren’t as innovative at creating higher quality, they just try to compete on price, which is obviously, all the reports that exist would suggest, a losing strategy if your only USP is a lower price,” explained Rigby.

In order for a company to be successful, Rigby outlines that they should offer a flexible service, that acknowledges existing time constraints, and/ or specialises in a unique application.

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