EXCLUSIVE: “Mapping to a drone is what calling is to a phone,” says Hammer Missions CEO


Varun Sarwal, Hammer Missions’ founder and CEO has outlined how his company’s core belief is that “mapping to a drone is what calling is to a phone.”

Speaking to CDP as part of this month’s Special Report on Mapping and Surveying, Sarwal addressed the question on where he sees the market vertical evolving.

He explained how despite the inevitability of the market evolving, mapping will always be central to many use cases.

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Sarwal elaborated: “Mapping has become the defacto use-case for drones in the commercial drone industry. However, we believe there are lots of new use-cases yet to be discovered. Our core belief is that “mapping to a drone is what calling is to a phone”.

“Phones became popular for the calling function, but that’s not the only thing we use them for today. With time, we expect the market to see high-frequency operations as businesses optimise their data capture and processing.”

He added: “Frequent mapping will also power a new wave of use-cases from change analysis to real time feature detection and reporting.”

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