EXCLUSIVE: Payload focus and EASA will see drone training market evolve in 2020, says leading training manager


New payloads, EASA regulations and industry focus will force the drone training industry to evolve in 2020, iRed training manager, Steve Welland, has predicted.

As part of this month’s Special Report, CDP focused on drone training and spoke with industry leaders in the UK to find out more.

Commenting on how he thinks the market will evolve, Welland said that the CAA’s registration process will also play its part.

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He explained: “In 2020, it’s likely that we’ll see the market evolve to focus on new payloads. It’s important for pilots to develop their understanding of emerging remote sensing technologies because of the impact these can have on industry.

“One example of this is LiDAR, as this high resolution technology being used on drones has the potential for many different applications. These new and emerging payloads open up a variety of opportunities for pilots, so it’s important to have a greater focus on how industries can use them.”

On regulation, he said: “It’s likely that the CAA’s registration process, and the introduction of new legal requirements for drone operators, will have an impact on the market in 2020.

Concluding: “This, as well as the adoption of new EASA rules, will make significant changes in terms of how pilots are trained and qualified – introducing new classifications for drone operations as well as pilots themselves.”

This has been taken from the February special report.

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