EXCLUSIVE: Propeller Aero CEO hopes for large scale customer benefit from DJI partnership


Propeller Aero, a drone software and hardware platform, is hoping its partnership with DJI will benefit its customers.

Speaking exclusively to CDP, Rory San Miguel, CEO at Propeller Aero, said he thinks the joint launch of the Propeller PPK Solution as part of AirWorks in the autumn will help customers enjoy a reduction in drone surveying time.

He said: “On a global scale, businesses are seeing real cost savings and efficiencies from the powerful combination of drones and cloud-based analytic solutions. For earth-moving industries especially, accurate data is critical to worksite analytics and Propeller has always been obsessed with helping teams achieve this.”

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He added: “We’re looking forward to seeing our customers benefit from the Propeller PPK Solution’s impressive features like reducing drone surveying time by 70% and its 1/10ft accuracy capabilities.”

Detailing how the ongoing partnership and working relationship can be a fruitful one, San Miguel commented: “Working with DJI has been great. Having so many hardware and drone experts to back up the new Phantom 4 RTK drone is unparalleled. While DJI and Propeller have been long-time partners, the Propeller PPK solution brought new opportunities to work side by side on this project.”

Propeller Aero is a worksite mapping and analytics company that makes software for high-accuracy GPS drone surveying.

It has also created hardware called AeroPoints which are smart ground control points that gather accurate data from UAVs.

Discussing how the company, which he co-founded, has developed since its beginnings in 2014, San Miguel said: “Over the past four years, Propeller has evolved from an idea into a tool that is transforming the way professionals in enterprise, heavy civil, and resources operations worldwide create, share, and analyse quality data about the sites and assets they manage.

He continued: “Today, Propeller is used on over 14,000 worksites in 120 countries in order to deliver more than 55,000 worksites. We’ve learned so much from our partnerships with industry leaders, like Trimble, Komatsu and DJI, and are continuing to fill the technology gap on worksites to provide a more efficient, digital workflow.”

Looking to the future, San Miguel is hoping that the Phantom 4 RTK release will help move the commercial industry forward.

He explained: “As we head into 2019, and with the recent release of DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK drone, we’ll start to see drones used as a tool to complete serious commercial surveying tasks in the construction and resources industries where high precision accuracy is required. Drone surveying becomes uncomplicated and makes it mainstream in 2019, and the Propeller PPK solution enables teams to achieve the high-precision accuracy that’s required–within 1/10ft.”

He concluded: “Drones are collecting and providing critical data that’s answering questions for earthworks around progress and productivity. The commercial drone industry has gathered around this market and as 2019 gets underway we’ll see more key players in the heavy civil and resource industries adopt and continue to facilitate strong growth.”

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