EXCLUSIVE: Providers out to sell a PfCO “big dream” major challenge for drone training, says Heliguy manager

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Heliguy’s training manager, Ben Shirley, thinks providers out to sell a PfCO big dream are a major challenge for the training industry in the UK.

Speaking to CDP as part of this month’s special report, Shirley commented on how openness and honesty are the best policies.

Responding to a question on the challenges the industry faces, he explained: “On the first point, there are some training providers out there who sell a big dream about the PfCO and overexaggerate what it can do for you – often placing too much hype on the qualification itself, instead of emphasising the hard work that is needed to build a successful drone business.”

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Adding: “This often leads to the PfCO not meeting overinflated expectations and a lot of drone pilots giving up after a year or so when things haven’t quite worked out how they thought they would.

“At Heliguy, we are about honesty and openness. Yes, the PfCO is an amazing thing to have and it can open up some great doors and can be a good source of income. After all, we have former PfCO candidates who have gone on to forge really successful drone businesses and are working on quirky jobs all over the world. But, it is more than just having the PfCO in your hand.”

He went on to detail how knowing the PfCO is not an automatic door to business success is key.

He outlined how approaching decisions with a proper business mentality is vital to achieving success in the commercial drone industry.

Shirley continued: “To make a success of your PfCO, you need to work hard and plan your business venture properly and sensibly and target the right clients – just like any other business.

“The other misconception is that the drone industry is saturated and there are already too many pilots out there. This is not true. There are many possibilities and as society continues to embrace drones and this technology is utilised more and more, the opportunities to make money from your drone will expand further,” he concluded.

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