EXCLUSIVE: RIEGL manager says ‘Data digitisation is the buzzword of our decade’


In an exclusive interview with Commercial Drone Professional, RIEGL ULS business division manager Philip Amon discusses what the company foresees for the future of the industry.

“Digitisation of data is the buzzword of our decade,” began Amon. “Increasing growth in the consumption of data has produced a high demand for accurate and informative survey information. Drones offer an efficient and effective way to meet this need.

“It can therefore be expected that the surveying and mapping business utilising drone-based collection will continue to grow and develop further.”

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Speaking more specifically, Amon continued: “Of course, drones and sensors and camera will continue to evolve and we can certainly look forward to interesting innovations. In addition, the BVLOS regulation changes being considered will give a further boost to the UAV-based surveying/mapping industry. We all need to watch for developments in our areas of the world.

“In summary, the drone-based mapping and surveying solutions available today are performing at a level never before achieved. This is the technology of the day, and I predict the industry will continue to embrace this approach for the foreseeable future.”

This interview was originally featured in CDP’s April Special Report Amon discusses this and more with other industry professionals.

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