EXCLUSIVE: Riegl ULS manager sings praises of what drones can do in the mapping world


Phillipp Amon, business division manager of ULS at Riegl, has outlined just how beneficial drones can be.

Speaking exclusively to CDP as part of this month’s special report which focuses on Surveying and Mapping, Amon explained how the vast majority of the time, a drone is a much cheaper alternative to traditional methods.

He also sang the praises of UAVs when it comes to data acquisition in the market as well.

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Amon explained: “For data acquisition of small-to-medium-sized areas a drone-based survey can now be done more cost effectively than ever before. The use of a drone is, in most cases, much cheaper compared to surveying missions performed by manned helicopters or fixed-wing aircrafts.

“Also, a huge benefit of single-rotor or multi-rotor drones is that they are not bound to specific take-off/landing areas. Thus, they are often perfect for small projects in areas with constraints like marshes, cliffs, densely vegetated areas like jungles, bridge under-decks, disaster areas, etc.”

He concluded: “Finally, because drones can fly low and slow, it’s also possible to achieve incredibly high point densities and resolution, which equates to detailed visualization of even small objects such as fissures, nuts and bolts, breaks in connections, serial numbers, and change detection on critical but tiny details.”

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