EXCLUSIVE: RUSTA makes moves to secure positions on university curriculums

Drone pilot training academy RUSTA has entered the first stages of introducing unmanned aerial vehicle tutelage and assessments to universities across the UK.

The company, which has its headquarters in Lincolnshire, offers commercial drone training to authorities such as the police, as well as building and agricultural businesses.

Having been approached by Wolverhampton University, the qualified entity is looking to broaden its operations to further education facilities.

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Managing director of the training academy, Sion Roberts, told Commercial Drone Professional that, rather than looking to introduce specific degrees for drone engineering or UAV piloting, he is looking to integrate aspects of RUSTA’s training courses into existing courses.

He explained: “We’re trying to push into the university market. Let’s say you’re doing an engineering degree, as part of your syllabus would be a little bit on drones, and offering the standard we do, a lot of universities are quite receptive of that.”

In order to successfully merge with an existing course, Roberts continued to say that RUSTA would look to deviate from it’s standard course structure, a two and a half day training programme, in a suitable fashion.

While RUSTA is currently working with Wolverhampton University to provide a module on UAVs that contributes to a student’s overall grade, it has also spoken with other further education facilities.

The scheme, which is currently in its early stages, is expected to roll out in Q3 next year.

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